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Welcome All New Followers..Here’s to bringing joy into your life daily..


So I thought I would write a brand new post for those who found me thru twitter and for those who shared my posts..THANK YOU!

I just want to share my story, which I believe in every fiber of my being can help others..also I enjoy writing and would like to make a name for myself,,my father was a why not me..maybe cancer wasn’t a mistake..and it was suppose to lead me to this moment,,to share my story..and be a beacon of light on a very dark subject..and the different path that I have chosen..I am not saying it’s for everyone, but I am a strong believer in intuition. And listening to that inner guide..Learn to that still small voice.,that is God, the angels..spirit,,whatever you want to call it..


Being Kind is so simple..and doesn’t have to cost a dime..I experienced kindness this morning by strangers sharing my story just to be kind,,and I have shared others blogs..websites, products just to be kind..


I do this daily..listen to my hasn’t led me astray yet..learn to listen to your heart..


Asking the Angels for guidance..

I like to watch different YouTube videos and this is one that I found helpful..It’s a simple message that we have to ask..either say it out loud or think it quietly to ourselves..and then ask for what you specifically need help with..I have been asking the angels to help me bring in some more money..I also asked for smaller things such as I lost my crystals the other day..I kept feeling it was either in a drawer,then I thought to look in the pocket of my purse and sure enough it was there..I use a pendulum for guidance also..Yesterday Rick’s mom misplaced a debit I asked the pendulum if his mother still had said yes..but she was blaming turned out it was in her purse..I also get intuitive thoughts which could be from the angels..For instance we were concerned about Rick’s job, and I felt everything would work out..and it is working out..So anyone can do this..I am still learning about the angels and not totally sure if I am being guided by them..but I do get intuitive thoughts..we just need to listen to them..


Sometimes being stubborn is a good thing..


So I felt I should write some more today..Yes I am stubborn, I am a Taurus it just comes naturally to me..I am stubborn when it comes to people I love.,things I am passionate about and believe in ..I believe I have an ability to share knowledge..wisdom..My cancer story gives me a platform to talk I am not giving up..I will keep sharing..trying to get my story out there..and hopefully maybe be able to get a little side writing gigs for myself.So I will keep plugging away..sharing with as many as I can..

I am a writer,crafter,reiki master teacher,intuitive,empath,healer..



Well the above statement is true,,if you wait for perfect conditions you will never get anything done..I have been reading about angels a lot lately..last night I was reading How to hear your Angels by Doreen Virtue on my kindle and I downloaded her latest flower cards on my iPad..I have also been watching videos on YouTube about the angels..and everything I read and watch says just ask for help..for anything ?.so before I started to write..I said angels please help me..and I I am’s been a few it’s time to write something..Also I keep seeing black feathers every so often..I called into a blog talk radio program and Betsey Morgan told me that the feathers are my deceased loved ones saying hello..Could be..

I have been saying..angels please help me..the past few days..and have gotten some inspiration for some copper jewelry pieces..



I also felt led to wrap some crystals in copper..two of the pieces my friend gave is golden quartz and the other is seven miracle stone and I forget what the green one is amazonite..I think..

Also I feel led to share my writing,,my cancer story. I wrote to a few publications..ahh well ya never know..I feel deeply that I have a gift for writing..and I feel a connection with my late father..he was a writer and editor..he use to enjoy editing some of my work..I think it made him proud to see me writing and following in his footsteps..years ago I wrote a booklet about starting a pet sitting service.,I sold a few..gave some away..I also wrote a short story. And I have an article on

So you never know..I will keep asking and listening for inspiration..and definetly keep writing..

Enjoying quiet moments..

This video was taken this morning..I was on the bed on the iPad as usual and my cat Tigger came I video taped him..if you turn the volume up you can hear him purring..this is my favorite time of the morning..When it’s still quiet and you can hear yourself think..I get my best inspiration early in the morning,,that’s when I usually post to my blog..

You are never too old to learn something new..


I am learning more and more about myself everyday..Cancer didn’t give me some magic wand or a card to pass on life..yesterday was a rough day for us..and I admit I didn’t have more patience..I always try to be good listener and help when I can..But some topics there’s only so much you can say..then you have to just let it go..One thing I have learned is you can’t control other can do your best to please them.,but it’s like squeezing a lemon..there’s only so much juice..then you are left with and yes I think I did my best and gave the best advice I could give.,just need to work on the patience thing..which I am usually pretty good at..and in this situation..for him and I..I did my best in advising him,,and he’s doing his best in dealing with the hurt..I didn’t have a real loving relationship with my dad so it’s hard for me to this point what’s done is done..feelings will heal..and everything will be alright..


“Everything will be alright in the end and if its not alright, it is not yet the end” Sonny

How Cancer Became My Greatest Teacher and Taught Me how to Live!

How Cancer Became My Greatest Teacher and Taught Me How To Live!

My story may seem like a sad story from the details, but it’s actually a blessing in disguise..My name is Susan and I live in Hopewell,NJ with my boyfriend, 3 cats, and my cocker spaniel Nelson..I have always struggled with depression and self esteem issues most of my life. I would say I always felt like I was dying on the inside while alive..In November of 2012 I went to the Dr. to get some lumps in my breast checked out, not expecting it to be cancer. Cancer doesn’t run in my family, so it really wasn’t that much of a concern..I will never forget the day..November 15th 2012, when this gruff looking radiologist enters my hospital room with the result from my mammogram..All I remember was “blah blah looks suspicious for cancer”…that’s when my life was turned upside down and inside out and will never be the same..

From there I received a barrage of phone calls from the hospital, from the breast surgeon, and radiation department..This went on until December..At this point I am stage 2b invasive ductal carcinoma..her2 +..Basically they wanted to do a mastectomy,with reconstruction,axilary dissection,chemo,radiation,herceptin,tamoxifen..basically if I was at a restaurant..I would be ordering EVERYTHING ON THE MENU..with no choice..This was a 4 hour surgery at minimum and the surgeon was not willing to work with me on anything..not even letting me choose if I wanted do reconstruction .. I decided to do some research and speak to as many people as I could to educate myself..This led to more confusion in which I tried many things from 10 supplements a day to kale smoothies and eatting raw vegan as much as possible..

If it wasn’t for my boyfriend questioning a port they wanted to surgically place in my body and questioning the need for it, I may have gone along with what may have been unnecessary surgery that may have made my condition worse.. So it does help to bring someone with you to appointments, I know for myself I was very depressed and couldn’t retain information I was told. So it helped to have a second pair of ears to listen and distinguish between the bs..Once my eyes were opened to questioning things and saying “hey wait a minute..why do I need this”…I went off to learn on my own..I learned eatting raw vegan wasn’t for me..yes I lost weight, which I have recently gained back, but I was going to the bathroom 5 times a day and was miserable..

I talked to many breast cancer survivors..only a couple did totally natural, no surgery, chemo or radiation and are still alive to talk about it..Most had some surgical procedure or chemo etc. Also many had cancer more than once..Obviously not getting it all the first time…I became worried as time went by..and contacted another breast surgeon who failed to rescan me and followed scans from December 2012..Fast forward to May 2013..This new surgeon wants to rush me into surgery and do the same procedure..PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION..something in my gut said no don’t do it.. I went back to the original breast surgeon, who proceeded to rescan me and then scheduled me with the Oncologist..

I knew something was wrong when the nurse is handing me living will papers and the Oncologist had my test results. My new Dr. had very kind eyes and years of experience, over the young knife happy previous Breast Surgeon..I said,”do I need surgery?” He replied, “no.. I said, “chemo,radiation?” He said,”nope”.. At first I smiled..then I thought uh I dying?..He said..”you have stage 4 cancer and we can keep it from growing for a long time”..So I said” so if I did surgery a week ago?” He said,”it probably would have spread and wouldn’t have been a good idea and that it probably started spreading a year before..” And the best thing this Dr said to me was..”I believe in prescribing high doses of prayer “..I thought to myself..this is my doctor..He did what was necessary, but wasn’t medication or cut happy..

So now I am just on Tamoxifen..The Dr. is adding Herceptin to my cocktail of medications..and monitoring me closely..It’s been quite a of right now I am status quo..So I am learning to LIVE WITH CANCER instead of focusing on dying from cancer..I have been told there have been many people with stage 4 cancer who live another 20 yrs.. So this gives me hope..and teaches me to work on bringing more joy and happiness into my life on a daily matter how small..if its buying my favorite ice cream or adding entries to my blogs..or taking my dog Nelson on long morning walks..So yes cancer has taught me how to live..I didn’t always feel my life had purpose and I am still trying to figure that out..But I feel deep inside I am a healer..Maybe I am suppose to start with my life first and then move on to helping others and teach by example..

So if I could share some lessons..1. Always get 2nd and 3rd opinions.. 2. Don’t let doctors bully have time to decide..3.Listen to your intuition,it knows the right answers..4.Take all advice from others on the Internet and from various cancer groups with a grain of salt..
5. Listen to your own inner guidance..6. Pray to God and the Angels to bring the right people and information to guide you..7.Never give up hope..because as long as there is breath in your lungs there is always hope..8. Kale is good for you, but if it makes you miserable..Have an ice cream cone once in awhile..9. Finding what makes you happy, brings you joy..not only raises your vibration to heal helps to make life more enjoyable..

“In Heaven the grumpiest people are the vegetarian, meditating, joggers who despite eating only vegetables, meditating regularly and getting up early every day to jog died anyway. So do what feels right because that is how those chemical messages from your body are communicated, through feelings and not what is thought.” Dr. Bernie Siegel MD