Finding my own way..

Finding my own way
..learning to live with stage 4 breast cancer..Susan’s way..this is what works for me..and I am sharing my hope is that I can be an inspiration to other cancer patients..or anyone …


Ever since my original diagnosis in Nov . 2012.. My life will be forever changed..

From stage 2 b to stage 4…

I tried raw vegan diet..supplements..changed deodorants..shampoos..these are all good things to do but can be costly when purchasing.,so I went back to using some of the products I use to use..while adding fruits and veggies when I can,,for me it’s about doing what works for me..I chose not to have a mastectomy.,with reconstruction ,..chemo and rads..And according to my oncologist I made a wise choice..I am currently taking tamoxifen and being cancer is currently stable..

So I have been walking with my dog most mornings..trying to lift my spirits and be out in nature..


I am learning to be grateful for everything..some days I do better than others..I am also learning to be easy on myself when I am just having a down day..and let the emotions just run off like an over flowing river..and usually the next day I feel took me awhile to get to this place..from denial..anger..depression to now acceptance and living with as much JOY and HAPPINESS.. As I I have been enjoying being out in nature,,taking photos.,baking ..making jewelry..whatever..


I had an idea to make some inspirational jewelry out of copper are some of my beginning pieces..





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