Sharing some of my videos..enjoy:)

Video of my Nelson.,just fun to watch..enjoy!

This was me when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer..

and here I am months later..more accepting and moving forward..


2 thoughts on “Sharing some of my videos..enjoy:)

  1. Hiya Suzanne! I was glancing over some of the comments people leave on Liz Gilbert’s Facebook page and saw your comment about the blog. It peeked my curiosity so here I am. Aside from being an avid reader & loving travel, am just about to start a course in naturopathic medicine and took special notice in your decision to not have surgery. Have to say, I think that this decision is incredibly brave, not just because you’re taking on the cancer itself, but because you’re also taking on the medical industry and (presumably) many many many folks who urge you to do the opposite of what your heart tells you. You hang in there, sista! I’d be interested in staying in touch, and am not going to offer health advice but if you have questions, feel free to shoot them my way. I’m on facebook as Nuri Adams-Davies. Also, I do a blog, which, up to this point, has been about my travels but as I begin this course in natural medicine, I’ll write more about that. If you’re interested, it’s

    Love and light to you!

    • Hi nuri..thanks for the comment..yes at first I really tried eatting well I do whatever and the dr doesn’t suggest surgery..and I am focusing on mental health..

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