Thank goodness for blogging..


Thank goodness for blogging!

I can’t tell you how many times I was told to write a journal while on this cancer journey..write..write ..write..or type ..type ..type in a blog..same thing really..except I am not wasting paper and ink ..

it’s nice to have a space that is all yours..and it doesn’t have to be perfect or this way or that way..guess what you can’t do it wrong because its your opinion and yours alone..some may agree with you some may not..who cares..

There’s so many lessons to learn..and make slowly I am learning..always been a slow learner.

One thing I know for sure..My dog Nelson loves me more than anyone on this planet and that makes me smile.,

Salt water taffy and chocolate covered Oreos..need I say more..

A cat scratching you in the face still won’t make me hate or dislike cats..I will dislike a person before a harmless animal..

Leftovers make the best meals..

I am alive today and have a purpose and matter how small or long as you have air in your matter in some form..

Maybe I will be a famous..writer..speaker..motivational person..artist..baker..who knows..doesn’t really matter..would be fun to meet my heroes..Wayne Dyer..Oprah Winfrey..Dr Bernie Seigel,Betsy Morgan Coffman,Liz Gilbert…I am sure there are others who have inspired me..panache desai..many of you are inspirational..thank you for sharing this time with me..


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