How to use a pendulum..


I have been using a pendulum since I was a mother taught me using a piece of string and a paper clip..Today I am using the silver necklace in the picture..with a rose quartz heart earring dangling from you can use anything that dangles,,or you can purchase a pendulum..

Pendulums are believed to access our subconscious mind..some believe they are speaking to spirit..and can also do this thru automatic writing..which I have yet to master..but I can use to pendulum and most have success with can be used to receive guidance ..basically for yes or no questions..sometimes I will hear other answers in my mind to my question,,

To begin..sit in a comfortable position either by your kitchen table where you can lean your elbows or I like to sit on my bed..I take the pendulum in my non dominant hand.,since I am left handed I use my right hand.,this way my answers will be non biased..and it will feel a bit awkward so you will be too busy focusing on that than the answers..

Hold the pendulum so it can either ask it to show you the direction for yes or no..or you can show it..for me yes spins clockwise,,and for no it spins counter clockwise,,you can include I don’t know in your the beginning it maybe a bit slow at moving.,but once you get the hang of it and clear your mind it gets easier..



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