The Kindness of strangers..


Today I received this beautiful blanket that was lovingly created by a man named Richard who lost his wife to breast cancer..I feel very humbled and honored that a stranger would pour his heart out in this blanket with so much love to share with another breast cancer patient..


Thru out my breast cancer journey I have been on some ride.,I use to think I didn’t have a lot of support..this isn’t true..many gave support in prayer..donations..some sent me checks..posted beautiful messages..I received such love from those I don’t know..I am truelly humbled and blessed..

so thank you Richard for your gift..

and thank you..Sandy for your support..her website and group on Facebook is..



2 thoughts on “The Kindness of strangers..

  1. this is very sweet of Richard… its the little things that can brighten someone’s day… i, like Richard took it upon myself to completely buzz cut my hair and donate it to cancer patients because i want brighten someone’s day as well

    • Well good for you..that takes bravery..although your hair will grow back..and fortunately I didn’t go thru chemo..but it’s nice to know there are giving people such as yourself..and it will come back to you..your has so many twists and turns..thank you for being kind..:)

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