Feeling discriminated..


This was me before my dr appt..when I was still optimistic..yes I didn’t follow the rules..I was told to contact my primary dr and get a referral because my insurance was switched to an HMO ..which honestly I feel is silly..I have been seeing my oncologist since May of this year..I was asked today if there were any changes and being honest I said yes..and the staff person just said I need a referral and to call them ,,which I did and had a lot of trouble getting thru to a dr I have never met before but this is my primary..it just seems so cruel,,now if I lied they would have let me see the dr,,I would have gotten my pet scan results,,but since I couldn’t get thru the rude girl said I needed to reschedule,,yes I understand policy and rules…but they suck,,the staff was cold and heartless..and this is a friggin oncology office..they make a lot of money in this office..chemo is pretty expensive..but to refuse someone service..is just wrong..I am stubborn and begged the girl in the primary care office to help me..she finally did and faxed over a referral..really shouldn’t this be the staffs job..I went to the same hospital yesterday to get the pet scan..and they got a referral no problem..I think these girls are lazy,,cruel,,selfish.,and God help them if they need care or their family ..yes I have an appointment tomorrow..but really was it necessary to put me thru all that..stress me out..this is an oncology office..shame on you..the right thing to do would be allow me to see the dr and get a referral ASAP..that would have been the kind thing to do..but I am sure it’s all about money..the primary dr makes money..always about money..it’s a shame..maybe at one time it was about the patient..and the funny part was usually I feel poor or a have not ..in that moment,,I HAD INSURANCE..I GOT TREATED BETTER WHEN I HAD CHARITY CARE THEN HAVING SO CALLED INSURANCE AND BEING WEALTHY WOULDN’T MATTER IF THEY REQUIRE A REFFERAL TO SEE A DR I HAVE BEEN SEEING..AS MY LATE FATHER WOULD SAY..THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS..AND I REALLY WANTED TO SCOLD THIS GIRL THAT HAD NO HEART..and I wanted to contact the office and complain but I felt my complaint would would be heard by deaf ears..so I will follow the rules..for now..SMILES..

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