Learning doesn’t stop once you are out of school..life has some of the biggest lessons..

Thank you for those that take the time to read my musings,,thoughts..inspiration..My wish ..well when I was younger was to just get thru the day..not be made fun of..now I hold my head up..step into my own magnificence..my inner beauty that shines thru..I had a psychic reader tell me I am handling my cancer with grace..I didn’t in the beginning,,I was clueless felt very alone..I would tell strangers I had cancer to get sympathy ..attention.,I don’t do this anymore..I would like people to see a strong..happy..joyful person.,yes I am living with stage 4 cancer..but I am doing it Susan’s way..yes I have had some support from people on Facebook..my mom listening to me crying,,my boyfriend driving me to appointments,,but he didn’t step on to the pet scan machine yesterday..I did that..strong..with grace..I have a purpose..I will not believe my life was a mistake or unworthy..I still have breath in my lungs..maybe my purpose is to write and share with the world my journey..maybe it’s to be an inspiration,,I haven’t quite figured it out yet..maybe one day I will meet some of my heroes even if just a message on Facebook..like Oprah..Wayne Dyer..Panace Desai..I have many..and I have many books..


4 thoughts on “Learning doesn’t stop once you are out of school..life has some of the biggest lessons..

  1. Enjoy reading what you write. Hope your day is good. Prayers continue for you. Happy to have you as a new friend.

    • Aww..thank you..and the pleasure is all mine..I lost my father in 2004..not sure if you are old enough to be my father..but can use all the love in the world.,and I ve made some nice friends online..thank you for the prayers..

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