Learning from the journey..

If there are any other cancer survivors or anyone currently going thru treatment..if I could just share some words of wisdom..this is your journey,,yes you may have children,,a spouse..but only you can go thru it..Back in November of 2012..I didn’t know what the outcome would be..I had so many decisions..and I chose differently from most people.,but I did what was best for me..and try to do that on a daily basis..When you are laying on a pet scan machine..being scanned from head to toe..it still feels surreal..but I laid there talking to God and the angels..I still have technicians in the hospital asking if I had surgery or will I be doing chemo..see my journey doesn’t look like the typical cancer patient..which makes sense because I always marched to a different beat..why would cancer be different ..


I have an appointment with the oncologist this morning,,he will give me the results..hopefully the cancer is still stable and hasn’t spread more..so I am doing what I have to do..taking my tamoxifen,,getting the tests..trying to be optimistic..but the main thing is trying to find joy in each day..learning to not take things personal…and being grateful in the moment..because that’s all we have is the moment,,



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