Creating something out of nothing…


So this morning I had Nelson out back to go potty..and I was looking at some old tiles that were under the deck,,and thought hmm what can I do with them,,so I grabbed one..cleaned it up ..and the above picture is what I came up with..I was picturing angel wings in my mind..but it turned into a butterfly instead..I think it’s the coolest thing to take something.,a piece of trash..or anything and make it into something pretty..give it a second life..kinda like my life..

I lived most of my life not sure of my value..and now that I have cancer,,I focus on those things that bring joy into my life on a daily basis,,I actually make a strong effort to find joy,,create those things that bring me joy..some may think well that’s so? By raising my own vibration and making myself happy..those that come in contact with me will also experience my a reflection in a will bounce off of me..and shine,,and others won’t help but to smile in my prescence..which in turn gives them joy..see what I did there..I started something..and it was just with an old piece of tile..


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