Just be you..


Thank you cancer, for teaching me who I really am and who I am not..

I am stronger and more resilient than I thought I was..

I am a creative, beautiful , artistic soul who has many gifts to share with the world..

I march to a different beat and THAT’S OK..I don’t have to be like anyone..just be myself..

I am learning to find happiness, peace , and joy in simple small things..doesn’t always have to be the million dollar jackpot..it could be $100 winnings..I am learning that bringing joy in your life takes some effort it doesn’t always have to magically happen..but with practice it gets easier ,making a daily effort to bring joy to your life even when life doesn’t always go your way..

Joy and happiness raises your vibration and releases happy chemicals in your brain called endorphins that help to naturally heal your body..

I am learning that I am not a lesser person because I didn’t graduate college..I don’t have a fancy title or job..I don’t drive a brand new car or make much money..but I have tremendous value on a spiritual level..and maybe that will manifest into the physical..Thank you for teaching me that college isn’t the only way to receive an education..and sometimes the hardest tests are given to the best students and I rather master the school of life..

I am learning to appreciate my flaws..appreciate my attributes..honor and respect my natural talents and share them with others ..

I am learning to VALUE my life..I am not a mistake..I have a purpose.. A beautiful soul with many things to share with the world..Some may think it’s simple knowledge but sometimes the most common sense simplest of lessons are the toughest to grasp..and I can say that I am learning them with grace and ease..




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