Susan’s Bucket List..


ok so it’s not an original idea..and before the movie the phrase wasn’t so popular..and I stole the idea to create one for myself,,from another thanks The better man project..thanks for inspiring me..

Susan’s Bucket List..

People I would love to to on the phone..sit and have coffee with..

1.Morgan Freeman (love him)
2. Dr. Wayne Dyer (would love to pick his brain)
3. Oprah Winfrey ( would love to bring my cocker spaniel Nelson and sit and have tea with her)
4. Panache Desai (just talk to him)
5. Louise Haye
(sit and have tea)
6. Valerie Bertinelli ( I use to be told I resembled her..and I always admired her strength..) would love to chat with her..
7.Tony Robbins(sit and talk..or maybe walk and talk with him)
8. The Cake Boss..( and learn some baking tips from him)
9. Rachel Ray..cook with her ..learn some tips..
10. Martha Stewart ..craft with her..and cook..
11. Trisha Yearwood..sit and drink tea..say hello to Garth..and sing
she’s in love with the boy..
12. Joan Rivers..sit and have about dogs and teach me fashion tricks..
13. Lisa Robbinson from QVC..go
shopping with..
14. Mary Engelbreit..sit in her studio and chat..
15. Tom Cruise..why not..smiles..
16.John Stamos..same reason..we don’t have to talk..
17.Matthew McCaughnelly..ditto..but I would ride a horse with him,,
18. Robert Redford..ride a horse and walk on his ranch..
19.Tim McGraw and Faith them on our me and Tim’s Birthday ..may 1st and have him sing me happy birthday..hey it’s my bucket list..I can dream big..:)
20.Rosie Odonell..craft with her..
21.Jon BonJovi..just because we are Jersey strong..and just because..let him sing me a lullabye
22. Zoey Dechanel..just sit and eat healthy snacks..and walk dogs..
23. Theresa Caputo..sit and talk about spirituality and get a reading..
24.Sandra Bullock..bake or something and go shopping..
25.Harry Connick Jr..he can sing anything to me..
I m sure I Will think of more..but that’s good for now..

things I want to do..

26.Swim with the dolphins..
27. rent or buy an rv ..pack up my pets..and boyfriend..and go on a road trip across the US..
28. go to Sedona..and walk on the rocks.,and meditate
29. Go to New Mexico and pick my own turqouise out of the ground..
30. go to NYC and have Juniors Cheese Cake also go to Serendipities while there..
31. Take the water taxi..water fairey..
32.Drive a fancy car
33. Go to Ernest Hemingways home and hang out with his cats..
34. Go to Florida Keys and shop..and eat and be merry and be a beach bumm..
35. Get a shopping spree for any of the top stores in NYC..get a makeover
36. Have lunch with Paula Deen..
37.Go to Hershey Park and tour the candy factory..
38.Go to Lancaster PA..ride in a horse and buggy..get a room in a bed and breakfast and have croissants on the terrace with tea..and have lots of cash to go shopping with..
39.Go to Hollywood and pose with the sign..
40. Shop on Rodeo Drive..with a shopping Spree and With Richard Gere and Julia Roberts..
41. go to Las Vegas and go to Donny and Marie’s show and meet them,,and Celine Dion and meet her..
42.go out west and pan for gold..
43. Go out cowboy boots and cowboy hat..
44. Go to James Candy in Atlantic city and make fudge
45. Go to NYC and have breakfast at Tiffany’s
46. Spend New Years Eve in NYC..and watch the ball drop either with everyone or in a fancy hotel room..
47. Ride in a hot air balloon..anywhere..

Ok that’s abut it for now..I can add more be continued..



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