The Furry Crew..

I just came in from taking my dog Nelson out and realized I didn’t blog about them..Hmm how could I forget to write a blog just about my animals..I have 4 ,Nelson is my cocker spaniel..Charlie is our youngest cat,Tigger is the middle cat and Mitzi is my oldest cat..They all have their own special stores..We will start with Nelson,pictured below..I have always had a love for cocker spaniels..And hadn’t had one since my last dog Buddy ..that was around 2004 when I had to put him down..poor guy..In 2010 I started to look for a dog again..I had been looking all that time but never found the right one..I prayed about it..and a psychic told me the right one will find me,,well that sorta happened,,I had to place a Craigslist ad for it to happen,,I know they tell you to not do that..I said I was willing to pay 100 dollars for a cocker spaniel, and I received some replies..but the best one was from a woman who lived near Cape May NJ..a good 2 hours away..she said she had a cocker spaniel about 3 yrs old..and that her daughter was allergic..she sent me pictures and that was I wrote back and forth for a day or two,,asked how much she wanted.,she said she would give him for free to the right person..well I knew I was the right person just had to convince see I was a pet sitter for 18 yrs..only recently stopped doing it due to the cancer..selling my car, and it really didn’t bring me true joy that I wanted it to.,don’t get me wrong I TOTALLY LOVE THE ANIMALS.and I am a reiki master and have done paid sessions on animals too..I have worked in a pet store..for a vet briefly,,a kennel ..and I just love cocker spaniels..So I convinced her to let me come see him. And Rick drove us 2 hours to bring our boy home..Especially during my cancer journey words can’t express the love that I get from this dog..he has been my constant companion when Rick is working..I believe animals are healers..I may have rescued him but he has rescued my heart many times..Nelson is 5 now..well going on 6 this November..



This is Charlie..He will be 2 this Christmas..My boyfriend brought him in the house on St Patricks Day..he was a tiny little kitten..My boyfriends relatives had some kittens in a cage in their car and was going to dump them off at a I took him in..Charlie is like a little dog he follows you around..and becoming more affectionate as he gets older..He was my boyfriends cat at first..but now he comes to me..sits in my lap and sleeps with momma more..probably because I feed him and clean out his litter box..Daddy doesn’t do that..


Charlie as a baby..


This is my Tigger boy..he is 10 and is the off spring of some cats that I brought in from my old apartment..He is a Taurus and I am a he is a mommas boy..he is the friendliest to me and kinda skiddish to others but it slowly coming around.,which is strange because he was born inside..go figure..


And last but not least is my Mitzi pie..she is 11..and yes she has a story too..At my old apartment it was winter time and there were some feral cats hanging around..I believe Tiggers mom is also Mitzi’s yes I think they are related..I remember seeing the momma cat with 2 neighbor even came to me frantically because Mitzi had gotten into her garage and she was worried the kitten would scratch her tires..oh please..she was too scared then and I couldn’t get after a snow storm..I set a trap with some food,,I caught her daddy..big black and white cat and her this tiny little baby..and she has been with me ever since..I always say she’s sweet as sugar..because she is..I mean look at that face..





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