A new idea, taking quotes or photos from Facebook and writing about them..


I admit I don’t have a ton of friends..but that’s ok I like it that way..I rather have a handful of close friends than a ton of just acquaintances..although not everyone will be your best buddy..and I believe everyone we meet..whether online..in person..by chance in a pizza place..everyone you come in contact with is meant to cross your path for one reason or another..


I am so drawn to water..sometimes I simply just crave it..like someone might crave their favorite food sometimes I get this tug at my heart saying I must be near water..Yesterday I went to New Hope,PA with a good friend of mine..I caught myself being literally pulled towards the water several times..We had to physically stop and either sit by the water..or I photographed it several times..a water fall,a river,..I even specifically wanted to go to specific shop to purchase a specific perfume called Inis..The Energy of the Sea..even the perfume I purchased was named after the sea..



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