More Early Morning Inspiration..


These are some photos from my trip to New Hope PA yesterday with my friend Karen..The above shot was a horse drawn carriage going thru town..


These were some sunflowers outside of some shops..


This is a picture of the Delaware River and the bridge takes you to NJ..

I am available for writing assignments..So if you know anyone looking for paid writers for their publication online or in print I can be reached at

I can do stories about breast cancer, my own individual journey,things I have done and chose not to do..I can write about pets, I have been a professional pet sitter for 18 yrs,I am also a Certified Reiki Master Teacher and can write about healing, intuition, psychic ability ..Also my father was a writer and editor for the Wall Street Journal…I wrote an article for
My Article in 4wholeness website

Also if you would like a guest writer or expert for a column or blog, let’s talk..I am open to new ideas.woud love to share my writing talents..


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