You are never too old to learn something new..


I am learning more and more about myself everyday..Cancer didn’t give me some magic wand or a card to pass on life..yesterday was a rough day for us..and I admit I didn’t have more patience..I always try to be good listener and help when I can..But some topics there’s only so much you can say..then you have to just let it go..One thing I have learned is you can’t control other can do your best to please them.,but it’s like squeezing a lemon..there’s only so much juice..then you are left with and yes I think I did my best and gave the best advice I could give.,just need to work on the patience thing..which I am usually pretty good at..and in this situation..for him and I..I did my best in advising him,,and he’s doing his best in dealing with the hurt..I didn’t have a real loving relationship with my dad so it’s hard for me to this point what’s done is done..feelings will heal..and everything will be alright..


“Everything will be alright in the end and if its not alright, it is not yet the end” Sonny


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