Well the above statement is true,,if you wait for perfect conditions you will never get anything done..I have been reading about angels a lot lately..last night I was reading How to hear your Angels by Doreen Virtue on my kindle and I downloaded her latest flower cards on my iPad..I have also been watching videos on YouTube about the angels..and everything I read and watch says just ask for help..for anything ?.so before I started to write..I said angels please help me..and I heard..write..so I am writing..it’s been a few days..so it’s time to write something..Also I keep seeing black feathers every so often..I called into a blog talk radio program and Betsey Morgan told me that the feathers are my deceased loved ones saying hello..Could be..

I have been saying..angels please help me..the past few days..and have gotten some inspiration for some copper jewelry pieces..



I also felt led to wrap some crystals in copper..two of the pieces my friend gave me..one is golden quartz and the other is seven miracle stone and I forget what the green one is amazonite..I think..

Also I feel led to share my writing,,my blog..my cancer story. I wrote to a few publications..ahh well ya never know..I feel deeply that I have a gift for writing..and I feel a connection with my late father..he was a writer and editor..he use to enjoy editing some of my work..I think it made him proud to see me writing and following in his footsteps..years ago I wrote a booklet about starting a pet sitting service.,I sold a few..gave some away..I also wrote a short story. And I have an article on 4wholeness.com. http://www.4wholeness.com/breast-cancer-articles/the-day-i-was-told-i-have-cancer/

So you never know..I will keep asking and listening for inspiration..and definetly keep writing..

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