Asking the Angels for guidance..

I like to watch different YouTube videos and this is one that I found helpful..It’s a simple message that we have to ask..either say it out loud or think it quietly to ourselves..and then ask for what you specifically need help with..I have been asking the angels to help me bring in some more money..I also asked for smaller things such as I lost my crystals the other day..I kept feeling it was either in a drawer,then I thought to look in the pocket of my purse and sure enough it was there..I use a pendulum for guidance also..Yesterday Rick’s mom misplaced a debit I asked the pendulum if his mother still had said yes..but she was blaming turned out it was in her purse..I also get intuitive thoughts which could be from the angels..For instance we were concerned about Rick’s job, and I felt everything would work out..and it is working out..So anyone can do this..I am still learning about the angels and not totally sure if I am being guided by them..but I do get intuitive thoughts..we just need to listen to them..


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