Welcome All New Followers..Here’s to bringing joy into your life daily..


So I thought I would write a brand new post for those who found me thru twitter and for those who shared my posts..THANK YOU!

I just want to share my story, which I believe in every fiber of my being can help others..also I enjoy writing and would like to make a name for myself,,my father was a writer..so why not me..maybe cancer wasn’t a mistake..and it was suppose to lead me to this moment,,to share my story..and be a beacon of light on a very dark subject..and the different path that I have chosen..I am not saying it’s for everyone, but I am a strong believer in intuition. And listening to that inner guide..Learn to listen..to that still small voice.,that is God, the angels..spirit,,whatever you want to call it..


Being Kind is so simple..and doesn’t have to cost a dime..I experienced kindness this morning by strangers sharing my story just to be kind,,and I have shared others blogs..websites, products just to be kind..


I do this daily..listen to my heart..it hasn’t led me astray yet..learn to listen to your heart..


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