mischievous ball of fur..


This is almost 2..ball of fur and energy..he was born outside,so I believe that made him a bit wilder..although my oldest cat Mitzi was born outside and she’s sweet as sugar..go figure..Charlie is definetly his own person,,yes I know he’s a cat, but he has his own personality..I think he thinks..and acts like a dog..he will try to go outside when I take my dog Nelson out and he follows you around like a little dog..


He is fearless..not much scares him..he hangs around with the dog..and messes with my older cats..sigh..they usually show him who is boss..a little smack or growl usually gets the message across..His latest enjoyment for himself is climbing up on my kitchen counter and knocking down whatever is in his path..he’s broken several glasses..and most recently a mini blender cup that I had to now he’s costing me money..


This was Charlie as a baby..wasn’t he cute? Ehh don’t let that fool you..he’s evil..haha just I’m not<3 Trust me I have threatened him many times with tossing him outside..My boyfriend wanted to get him declawed, I just didn't have the heart plus it's so expensive and painful for the animal..He did calm down some after being neutered..thank he doesn't scratch as much..I know when to handle him,,and where..his favorite thing to do is when I am sitting Indian style on my bed.,he likes to climb into my lap and be pet on the head.,but only the head..


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