Homemade blush recipe

homemade makeup

Recipe for homemade blush ..all you need is arrowroot powder..hibiscus flowers I ground it in the blender..added cinnamon and put in a blush container ..


arrowroot powder
hibiscus powder (like this)
cinnamon (optional)


Start with a base of arrowroot powder, about 1 Tbs. Add in the hibiscus powder one teaspoon at a time until you get the desired color. Add cinnamon for a little depth and glow.

*Note: Hibiscus powder gives a nice subtle pink glow, but for some it may seem too subtle. You could also try Alkanet Root powder which has a richer, more reddish, tone. But in either case, add the color gradually. You can always add more arrowroot powder to lighten back up, but if you get too heavy handed you’ll end up with a whole lot of blush on your hand.




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