Chocolate makes everything better..


Ever since my cancer diagnosis, my favorite little pick me up is to go to the local convenience store and pick up a candy bar or pint of Ben and Jerry’s whatever..and I would tell the clerk..with a smile mind you..”Chocolate makes everything better” I believe this to be the beginning I received so much advice..don’t eat sugar..don’t eat this ..don’t eat that..well I threw all those suggestions out the window..if I want some chocolate I buy makes me happy..also I think there is some scientific proof of the health benefits..well I am sure the cacao chocolate is better..and raw cacao even favorite is the milk chocolate..I use to watch the movie Charlie and Chocolate factory when I was a kid..and wish I could go there ..<3



4 thoughts on “Chocolate makes everything better..

  1. I hate to “lecture” people, but I took the liberty of writing this.

    There is a reason as to why people advised you not to eat chocolate. Or sweets in general. As you must know, the tumors in the body act like separate organisms, feeding on whatever the resources you yourself feed on. A higher intake of energy than usual, esp. if you take an amount the better part of which you don’t use, will mostly end up used by the tumors for their own growth.


    This also goes for people without tumors (malignant or benign) because each and every person has cancer cells living in their bodies and being fought against. You must have heard of people who eat minimally and live up to reach their 90s, 100s without much health problems (usually goes with bare feet and huge beards). There is a reason for that. Aside from other things, they’re starving out the cancer cells in their bodies.

    All the best

    source: studying medicine in Germany

    • This was more a metaphor than me actually eatting chocolate daily which I do not,,I don’t even have chocolate in the house..what I was saying is to do what makes you happy and brings you joy ..there have been countless stories of people fighting the odds when they were given months to live..and loved years longer..and as for actually eatting chocolate causing tumors I have been told so much do what works for you..thanks for your input..eatting chocolate didn’t cause my cancer and I don’t even eat that much..also I have a good friend who is a retired registered nurse and she told me sugar feeds all the cells..just like starving yourself is not healthy..neither is eatting too much of anything,.everything in moderation..I simply meant to what brings you joy it could be picking wild flowers and putting them all over your home,,blessings<3

      • Well of course. I’m not familiar with you, so after reading I assumed you were eating chocolate a lot and regularly which could be harmful (given the cytokines released) for you. Anyway I’m sure you know quite well what’s good for you. Cheers

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