“A Writer..Writes”


I just got off the phone from a radio program..When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I admit ,I called intuitives..healers ,psychics, looking for guidance.,than when I stopped working I didn’t have the money to pay them..so I found blog talk radio and I admit I use to call a few shows a day..then I just lost interest in calling even though it was free..and from time to time I will call a program..today was one of those days and I don’t always get thru..I have seen Claire Candy Hough before on her radio program.,her website and on YouTube,,I had been drawn to her..even today I didn’t know she was on until 30 minutes prior and I almost didn’t speak to her.,I called and hung up because my dog barks a lot ,but I called back and she took me right away..she spoke to me for a long time and offered me a free card reading on the air and said she would call me back for a session,,that’s very kind,,she said the angel posse told her to and she listens<3 She also told me to own being a writer..So here I am owning it,,I AM A WRITER AND AUTHOR…she also said that a writer writes,,so here I am writing..

“A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”
Maya Angelou quotes (American Poet, b.1928)


Photo is from The Zaksee Bird Sanctuary..Tampa,Florida. Zaksee Bird Sanctuary

Candy also said that I can use my writing to heal myself and help heal and inspire others..Which I felt led to do also..I don’t write just for myself..Right now I am making no money writing..and sharing willingly..Would I like to eventually get compensated for my writing? absolutely..

I do have a message to share with others…I can’t lie and say I am cheerful every day..today was a down day for me..just feeling sad because I have my infusion appointment tomorrow and I am sad about that,,and the summer humidity is still hanging on,,not a big fan of summer..Fall is my favorite time of year..
Yay just got a call from Candy scheduling my reading,,I think I really need it..just need a boost or lift..

Here is her website if you want to check her out..She’s an author,writer,reiki healer,angel Intuitive<3
Claire Candy Hough’S Website


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