Writer,Crafter,Reiki Master,Animal Healer,Intuitve Available for Hire..


I have always enjoyed writing since I was young..I believe it’s in my genes..My father was an editor and writer for the Wall Street Journal and he wrote and edited and published his own small town newspaper..I enjoy writing about spiritual insights, angels,healing,animals,health,sharing inspiration, poems..I am also a crafter. I create dried and silk floral creations, soy candles,and copper wire jewelry..I am also a certified reiki master teacher..Reiki naturally brings out ones intuition..I have also had animals all my life..and have been a professional pet sitter for 18 yrs up until recently when I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer which has brought me full circle and back to focusing on those things that bring meaning and joy to my life and I can share with others..

If you would like to make a donation you can here..Paypal

Send to Susannj30@aol.com and leave me a note letting me know if you would like a distance healing session.or if you have some intuitive questions you would like answered or if you are interested in any of my craft pieces..





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