Oh cup of tea..you are my best friend.

I feel like something out of a Forest Gump movie..Egg nog tea,decaf tea,lipton tea,peppermint tea..Drinking tea by the gallons..I run it thru our small coffee maker that has a strainer..I used whatever I could find in the house..egg nog tea, which was pretty good..Lipton tea..I open up the bag and pour out the tea..then I add cinnamon..nutmeg ..vanilla flavor,to make it more fall like..sometimes I add milk to make it more like a chai latte ..I think it’s helping me feel better..usually I take raw honey in it, but I ran out..and I have hibiscus flowers I add to the strainer..once I even tried candy corn in it..I know one thing..when you are sick you sure appreciate when you are well..my boyfriend is sick too..probably caught it from one of the kids on his bus..ahh choo..don’t worry luckily you can’t get germs on the Internet…


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