Don’t you forget about me..


Don’t you forget about a song by Simple Minds from the 80s and a well known movie The Breakfast Club ,it was on tv this past weekend.,ahh reminiscent of my childhood..yes I grew up in the 70s and 80s..Molly Ringwald was on Oprah’s Where Are They Now..and she was singing ..Don’t you forget about me..At the time I wasn’t a big fan of the 80s ,but now I look back with fond memories..Ironically..I have been in touch with some old friends from high school and may have a the 80s come rushing back in my head..or my version..I never had the big hair..but BonJovi was a big part for me,,especially being from NJ and I still love them..would love to meet Jon BonJovi..Definetly a bucket list thing..ahh a simpler time..I still lived at home with my dad was still alive..I had my whole future in front of me,,with many challenges and struggles ..would I change a all makes me who I am today..and being in touch with my one high school friend is bitter sweet..we were frienemies.. Ha they didn’t have that term back then..but maybe we can become close 20 yrs later..ahh never know..but if I could go back and talk to that 17 yr old girl I would tell her ..”you are an amazing girl..”..”go to art school or cooking school”.. And my dad’s favorite line..” Don’t worry about stupid people” ..oh he was right..I worried about being liked …fitting in..who cares..does it who you are..


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