Helpful Support for Breast Cancer Patients


This is an incomplete list of resources that I contacted on a daily basis for support..I am sure I am leaving some out..but maybe this can be helpful to someone struggling with breast cancer right now..You are not alone and there are always some group or website or support line to reach out to..

This group is ran by Sandy Zuniga, she is a breast cancer survivor and has a page on Facebook,this website and YouTube videos reaching out to other women..

I called the support line for this group..

I called this group a few times for support, they have oncology social workers to give support on the phone..

I called this phone line several times,,also ran by oncology therapists..very helpful and they have physical offices to go to..

They offered phone support..

They have a social worker that you can see for free if you don’t have insurance..she comes to you if you are very ill or you can go to her private home..

I added the 700 club only because they have a 24 hour prayer line..I called several prayer lines..

The nurse navigator at my hospital was also very helpful..I believe most least the ones in NJ have a nurse navigator on staff to walk each breast cancer patient thru the steps..

Facebook was a valuable resource also..just being able to chat with others all hours of the day..I also connected with other survivors..

And there’s also me..I am a stage 4 breast cancer patient..and anyway that I can be of support I am available..

I am selling these copper ribbons to support breast cancer..50% of the proceeds will go to breast cancer charities..



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