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New Rosé Quartz Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet

Breast cancer awareness should be every month..not just October..I have several items on my Etsy site for breast cancer awareness.,some of the proceeds from all of these items will be donated to


Thank you Breast Cancer..I found my purpose!


I have been on this journey since Nov 2012..It’s been a long winding rocky road..I am finally at peace with my diagnosis and treatment..Now I want to be a support to others..I am attending my first breast cancer support group on Monday..I will be selling some of my crafts..I also have a breast cancer support group on FaceBook and was helping a new member tonite.,It felt nice to help..give back.,so many did the same for me when I couldn’t sleep and was scared,,I want to be that shoulder at 2 am maybe thru a computer screen but it still helps to know someone understands.

Being thankful for feeling good!!


I finally feel better after 2 weeks of having a bad cold that triggered my asthma up until a few days ago..Thankfully, I saw the oncologist on Tuesday and they prescribed an inhaler and steroid..I feel so much better..This virus was worse than any symptoms I had from the cancer..Being sick really makes me appreciate feeling better..Even the cancer has taught me to feel greatful for the road I have gone down..luckily I didn’t do surgery..chemo or radiation and hope I don’t need to,,I feel pretty good except for the 2 weeks I was very ill and couldn’t catch my breath,,couldn’t sleep,,lost my balance.

.I have learned to do those things that bring me joy..whether its having a piece of cheese cake once in awhile..taking a walk..writing,,crafting..reaching out to others and sharing my experience..Because of my cancer I have gotten back into crafting and I am creating a lot of items to bring awareness to breast cancer and will donate a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer charities ..I would love to volunteer or start a support group for those that didn’t have surgery..chemo or radiation..It’s such a personal illness..there is no wrong or right have to do what’s best for you..


Yes October is Breast Cancer Awareness month,,But for me every day since November 15th 2012 has been breast cancer awareness day! So if you feel led to help a real person who has a message and wants to help other women..Please share and help support my Etsy store..I started a collection of breast cancer awareness crafts..I will donate a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer charities ❤





Latest craft projects for sale

For sale at my Etsy Store..a portion of the proceeds of this sale will go to breast cancer charities..


For sale at my Etsy Store


Distance Reiki Sessions for pets and people..