Being thankful for feeling good!!


I finally feel better after 2 weeks of having a bad cold that triggered my asthma up until a few days ago..Thankfully, I saw the oncologist on Tuesday and they prescribed an inhaler and steroid..I feel so much better..This virus was worse than any symptoms I had from the cancer..Being sick really makes me appreciate feeling better..Even the cancer has taught me to feel greatful for the road I have gone down..luckily I didn’t do surgery..chemo or radiation and hope I don’t need to,,I feel pretty good except for the 2 weeks I was very ill and couldn’t catch my breath,,couldn’t sleep,,lost my balance.

.I have learned to do those things that bring me joy..whether its having a piece of cheese cake once in awhile..taking a walk..writing,,crafting..reaching out to others and sharing my experience..Because of my cancer I have gotten back into crafting and I am creating a lot of items to bring awareness to breast cancer and will donate a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer charities ..I would love to volunteer or start a support group for those that didn’t have surgery..chemo or radiation..It’s such a personal illness..there is no wrong or right have to do what’s best for you..

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