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My new breast cancer peer support group in Hopewell,NJ

It is breast cancer support group will start Feb. 6th..Thursday from 7:30-9p…

It will be held in the Green Sitting Room..(Youth Room)..

From Louellen Street..park on either side of the road..the church is on the corner of W.Broad St. And Louellen the traffic light..Enter the first door of the church with the roof..if coming from Broad St and parked across the street the church will be on your left..

Hopewell Presbyterian Church
80 W Broad St
Hopewell,NJ 08525

My cell phone number is
609 954 1639

My first guest speaker will be Dr Jennifer Fisher..
Will be our first guest speaker..

Dr Jennifer Fisher, DC



New year, new thoughts for the future!


Happy New Year Everyone!

As some of you may know from reading my blog, I am living with stage 4 breast cancer..
Recently I had an epiphany..I wanted to use what I have learned from my journey to inspire, encourage, and give hope to especially newly diagnosed cancer patients..I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher and have decided to offer my services with a sliding scale fee to cancer patients ..I will never turn someone away that contacts me for healing just because they can’t pay…Heck..I will take cookies…It’s not about the money..

I have been sharing my new venture on Facebook and have received mainly positive responses..I did receive 2 negative comments..One from another healer who had cancer herself and claims to have healed herself..and was questioning me if I still had cancer and wanting to help others while I have cancer..Well first off..healers are not God..they get sick too..Anyone who understands healing will know that it heals more on an emotional level..stress and anxiety really can cause other health the best thing we can do for ourselves is keep the body calm and relaxed as much as possible..whether its receiving massage therapy,energy healing ,thru meditation,prayer..

I feel my experience from my journey can be of comfort to someone newly diagnosed who is petrified by
the ton of medical procedures being shoved down their throats..I will always recommend people to listen to their doctors, get second and third opinions and most importantly bring a friend or family member as a second set of ears.,and follow your own intuition..
I personally believe in complimentary therapies in combination with medical care from a qualified medical professional ..

I do want to be that light for others..and share you can still be of service and have something to offer even with a stage 4 diagnosis..and it’s just a diagnosis.,I am doing very well..None of us knows when our last day will we try to find as much joy in each and every day..

New Google site for Reiki sessions locally and distance healing for cancer ..

This is my new google page to share my reiki services locally and from a distance for breast cancer and cancer patients..

Sharing my path..