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My review of the Vapor Diet..

This is a video I made reviewing my new Vapor Diet that I received the other day..

I have stage 4 cancer and have always had a weight problem..

Unfortunately the medication I am on for my cancer makes me want to eat I thought I would try this..My boyfriend recently bought a similar product that helped him quit smoking and he lost weight..added bonus..

This product is sold for weightloss so I thought I would try it..

It’s been 3 days that I have been using it..

I tend to use when I want to eat extra snacks..I use to literally stuff myself with food and I am not doing that..I don’t have a scale so I don’t know if i lost weight,,I will get weighed at my doctors appointment April that should be plenty of time to find out if it works..

Vapor Diet

Unlike the one my boyfriend has added supplements for weightloss added..the liquid is called juice but it’s not a fruit juice..the juice is poured into a flavor tip that is screwed on to a battery similar to a cell push a button and take a few puffs..the battery heats up the liquid and when you inhale it turns into vapor but looks like smoke..but it’s similar to steam from the shower..when water heats up..The juices have different flavors to take away cravings..So far I have tried gummy bear,banana split, and pizza ..Unlike the ones sold for smoking cessation ..there is zero nicotine..The scent and taste trick your brain in to thinking you are full..


Your emotional well being can improve your health..

This video will help improve your Heath by making you smile..

I have read articles lately how animals can improve your health..your own emotions can improve your health ..

There is truth in this..

For myself I enjoy crafting and making art.. There have been studies of the therapeutic benefits of doing things you lowers blood pressure ..releases endorphins..

My latest craft project..