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Be the light..


So I am going thru my newsfeed on my Facebook..Yes, I am a Facebook junkie..I rarely go a day without checking my Facebook..Most of the posts today were positive..Pictures of people enjoying the beautiful day with their family..Then, I see a few sad posts..I am not judging, just an observation..I have been there,,I know from my own experience, when you don’t feel well, it’s difficult to be happy,,but it has taught me to be GRATEFUL FOR THE DAYS I AM WELL!

As for the couple of posts that said they were sad for various reasons.,I want to hug them and tell them everything will be ok..Even if there seems to be no hope in sight..There is always hope.,

Today was a beautiful sunny day in NJ..I did my laundry and took a nap..I was going to stay in the rest of the day, but decided to go out,,..A woman on my Facebook page shared a local business that I was interested in checking out,,..It was a spiritual shop in PA..

They sell crystals,books..incense..and various other items..

Here are some crystals I bought today..


I only had $18 in my wallet..I had a 1/4 tank of gas..enough to drive over the bridge to PA and to buy my new crystals..

So glad I did..

I have stage 4 cancer..granted most days I feel pretty good..but I still have to push myself to get out of the house sometimes..A little voice told me ..let’s go.,beautiful day.,let’s enjoy it.,

Do what you can..even if its just sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine on your face..Go do it..


A list of fundraisers for those in need<3

Here is a list of fundraisers for real people with cancer and various illnesses..Please give if you can!