Things that make you go hmm..


I love this quote from Doreen Virtue..For those of you who don’t know her..She writes books about Angels..Good stuff..Highly recommend her..

Well it has been another trying week..But I am realizing to be a live and among the living you have to deal with what comes across your path..Dealing with doctors and insurance companies and pharmacies..not my idea of a good time..And this time it wasn’t for me .,it was for my boyfriend..I still believe health care should be free..but then I guess the insurance companies and doctors wouldn’t be as wealthy as they are would they? HMmm..ahh well..

I just don’t understand how a doctor willingly prescribes a $100 eye medicine knowing there is something cheaper..ok maybe he didn’t know..Luckily the pharmacist knew..but then again if you don’t ask you don’t we didn’t think there was a generic available and my boyfriend was in pain,,I am the type of person.,if I can help I will..I had the money so I paid for the medicine,,then the pharmacist comes running up saying she spoke with the doctor..good news is he got the cheaper eye medicine..Bad news is my debit card got charged for the more expensive one ..hopefully the refund will go thru..hmm always something..

Then last week I was on the phone with my bank straightening out some fees that weren’t my fault..again I your mouth..sometimes you can fix the problem..

Ahh well I guess there is always a silver lining ..just a matter of looking for it..


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