Things I would tell my younger self if I could time travel..


I was thinking of a list I could make if I had children to pass along..since I don’t ..I thought I would share..thoughts..experiences that I have learned and wished I could travel back in time and share with my younger self..

1. Not everyone will like you and that’s ok..
….it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong..or that there’s anything wrong with you..I still can remember walking thru the hallways of High School and hearing almost like quiet little mantras.. “I hate that girl” how can you hate someone you don’t even know? Maybe it was the way my face I walked..WHATEVER! I use to drive myself crazy trying to get people to like even allowing men to sleep with me thinking they would like me..that didn’t work either..they got what they wanted and then tossed you like trash..

2. Don’t let others define you!
..Similar to the first statement..and I find this to be true for some even thru adulthood..if they don’t have a baby ..who are they? If they don’t have a husband..who are they? You don’t need another person to tell you who you are or define you! Be you! Find your passion! Find things that bring you joy and do those things!

3. Find something to nurture or love..
..This doesn’t have to be a can be a beloved pet..a plant..a new talent or hobby such as painting or gardening..I have read articles about this subject stating it is actually good for your mental health to have something to care for..

4. Money is meant for the living..
So enjoy it now..I am not saying spend all your savings..what I am saying is you can’t take it with you when you die..My father worried abut money up until he was in the nursing home and could no longer communicate his fears..


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