Dreams..from Steve Harvey’s email assignment

I recently purchased Steve Harvey’s book and joined his email list.,the first email said to write out your dreams for the following..


This one..for me is multi faceted..there is not just one thing
..1.I have thought of taking courses in natural health or becoming a dietician to help my family and myself to better health
2. crafting/Art ..this has always been therapeutic for me and still is..I sell some of my things on Etsy and an occasional craft show..I make soy candles..dried floral arrangements,,gemstone stretch bracelets and breast cancer awareness bracelets and art work..I have thought of teaching crafts to kids..and or taking a course in floral design..or just selling flowers at the flea market..
3. I am also a Reiki healer..living with stage 4 breast cancer..I would like to reach out to cancer patients..and offer this gift..
4. I am also a pet sitter for 20 yrs.,I can also offer reiki to animals..


This one needs some work..I am currently in one with someone for 6 yrs..it’s not as romantic as I would like currently..
Also I would like to build more relationships with people.l am still fearful of people and their opinions of me.,I need to be strong and confident and shrug off the bad stuff..I have a voice and need to be heard..I have tried support groups..offering reiki to cancer patients..but I won’t give up,,but I need to work on the most important relationship and that is with myself..so I can help others,,


I am living with stage 4 breast cancer,,so every day is a gift..some days I may not feel that way..so far it’s been more challenging emotionally..luckily I am not in much discomfort,..and daily I try to help myself,,my body and soul..by reading uplifting material..listening to uplifting radio..watching uplifting movies..being around inspirational people..God’s not done with me yet.,and I am much more to offer the world than I give myself credit..

Emotional Health and/or Spirituality

This is a work in progress daily and is similar to the above comments..nurturing my body ..mind and soul..Eating the best I can each day..and doing things that bring me joy..


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