In Honor of MY Dad’s Birthday in Heaven..this one is for you!


My father had the gift of writing..He worked for the Wall Street Journal and other publications before that..He was a writer and editor. He also wrote for his school newspaper..And back in the day he was a sports writer, but back then they had telegraphs..

I use to give him things I wrote and he would take a red pen and edit them..I once wrote a how to on pet sitting…So I definitely can thank my dad for my writing skills..He even had a small newspaper for a number of years.,He did all this with out a college degree..Something he probably wouldn’t be able to do today..

Although our relationship was always complicated..I understood him..Well..not when I was a teen..but later on I did..He was bipolar and wasn’t diagnosed until in his 40s..So growing up in this environment was challenging..He could be loud and angry at times.,That’s why in the end it was so bittersweet to see this strong man laying in a nursing home bed..not able to walk, talk or eat..

They never really did know what was wrong..They said it was a degenerative brain disorder..Possibly ALS..they weren’t really sure..We thought he may have had a stroke..Seeing this man helpless , lead me to want to do more..So not long after , I started taking Reiki classes..

Today is his birthday..He would have been 77..I can see him now.,sitting on the sofa in the recreation room..with his glass of soda and snacks..Yelling at the TV..probably cursing out the governor and the President.. Here’s to you dad..Miss you every day!

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