All is well..

So once again I am up late..It’s 12:45a and I am reading Facebook..I read several sad posts from 2 cancer patients struggling with a woman who lost her child years ago and is struggling with the my own fears living with Stage 4 breast cancer..wondering about the what ifs…

I enjoy watching Joel Osteen..his messages are usually fitting to my situation he spoke about being positive during adversity.,he said to say..”All is well”


I enjoy watching Long Island Medium and Angels Among Us..Both shows can be depressing because quite often people on the show that come thru in the reading died of cancer,,..I know we will all die one day..I am hoping I can live a little while longer..My doctor says we can maintain it for a long time, but sometimes I do get fearful and think well I am stage 4…there is no stage 5..
All is well..I am going to continue watching Angels among us and talk to the angels..


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