My 1st attempt at making pumpkin tea…

I bought 2 pumpkins last week for cooking..I heard Martha Stewart say you need sugar pumpkins for cooking/baking..Well I don’t know if these were, but they were medium size about 4 lbs..In a bin at the super market marked great for pies..
I saw a video on you tube to cut them open and bake, but I didn’t have time..
so I cut the top off..scooped out the seeds..saved them for later..

I decided to boil the rest of the pumpkin in a large pot of boiling water..

Once soft and a bit can pull the skin off and just cut the left over pumpkin..


Then I take some pieces and put it in a tea carafe has a mesh container..I put the pumpkin pieces..cinnamon..some black tea from a tea bag(cut open the bag and pour into container) a little crushed black pepper..let sit in boiling water..for about 10 mins..


I added some milk and some can make it healthier adding almond milk and any sweetener you want..


Pumpkin Spice Tea
1 Medium Pumpkin
1 Tbsp Cinnamon
Pinch of Black pepper
2 Black tea bags

Add to prepared tea
Some milk to taste or almond milk
Sugar to taste or other sweetener

Wash off any dirt on the pumpkin
Boil a big pot of water..
Cut the top off of the pumpkin ..
Scoop out the seeds and stringy stuff..
Leave lid off of the pumpkin and boil..
I let it boil for about 10 -20 mins then turn over to boil the rest (if you don’t have a pot large enough to boil the entire thing)
Or if you have an electric knife you can chop up the entire pumpkin into pieces and boil ..check for softness..I used a knife and spoon to turn it over..please be careful ..

When done..I let it cool a bit..the skin will come right off..
cut into small pieces..put into separate container..

Take a few pieces and put into mesh container or tea ball or you can use a tea strainer..
Add the spices..tea(cut the tea bags open and pour out the tea)
Let steep for 10 mins..

Add milk..sugar to taste or almond milk and honey..

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