Pushing thru..


Pushing thru the muddle feelings..Ok so it is no surprise to me, cancer is no picnic..I was able to skip the surgery for now..Now I can’t do surgery..The doctor is trying different meds..Oy vey..the side effects are ROUGH..I am not sure which is worse..the emotional crap walking around with cancer in your body..or trudging thru the day from the side effects of medication trying to block the estrogen feeding the cancer.,I tried sticking it out with this new medication..but I am sorry..I just couldn’t do it..The doctors’s office said I could stop it for a few days until I can speak with my doctor on Monday..

Unfortunately..I still feel like crap..all different times of the day..sometimes in the morning..yesterday it was later in the day..I just felt so weepy and blah..Today..I woke up feeling confused again and forced myself to get some laundry going..Normally..I don’t drink coffee in the morning,,unless it is really cold out..or I am really tired and need to be able to focus.,Coffee tends to make me jittery..I am trying to keep myself busy by washing dishes..taking the dog out..cleaning up after him,,taking the trash out..cleaning liter boxes..going up and down the steps to do laundry.,I am hoping my mind will follow..


Fortunately..I do have these guys to help me thru..



2 thoughts on “Pushing thru..

  1. I hope you are feeling better soon. Glad you have your “guys” to help you thru.
    Dr Oz show was discussing lack of estrogen and how it can make us feel tired and lack focus. I was on Tamoxifen for 5 yrs and I know.

    • Yes it comes and goes..just tough getting going some days.well hello fellow survivor,,a good nurse friend said..that once you are diagnosed you are considered a survivor:)

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