Feeling more at peace..

So as the day went on, I started to feel better..I made myself some breakfast..Took a shower..I had one dog sitting dog to visit today..her name is Molly.,She is a chocolate lab and has a kitty sister named Boo Boo..So today’s walk was a good one..That is something..how my mood can change just like that..I am a fall girl..And with the meds I am on I just can’t tolerate the heat..It was cloudy cooler day with a nice breeze..High 60s..About average for fall in NJ..

What a difference a day makes..Yesterday I felt like the entire world hated me and today several people said hello..maybe it was my purple top..and blue jasper..or my purple eye shadow..or my good hair day..


I was in a better mood because I bought some new sneaks yesterday..My old ones were worn out and these are nice and comfy..Great for dog walking and getting out more..


I found these feathers and several others on our walk..I smile when I see them because I believe in signs..:) And I have been praying quite a bit..Like, after I picked up the man’s paper and was done talking to him..I found a feather in our path..And as I was tossing a stick to Molly in the park..I found another feather..To me these feathers are signs from heaven..


As we continued our walk an older man came out of his house..he was hunched over and had no socks or shoes on..I have seen him before and he was friendly in the past..I grabbed his newspaper in the grass and handed it to him..Molly loves people..and she started jumping up and down..I have a feeling she made his day..So we had a 5 minute conversation about Molly’s chocolate brown fur and the type of breed she was..Molly would make a great therapy dog..she loves people..I wanted to do that with Nelson, but he barks too much..he would stress them out..

Then as we continued our walk..we walked to an open grassy area..I don’t usually take dog waking dogs off leash, but I was told she won’t run off and she didn’t,,I let her run after sticks and chew them..Then a woman came walking past with a beautiful Australian Shepherd also off leash..We both grabbed our dog’s collars simultaneously..But Molly was too busy chewing her sticks..

The funny part was I spoke with 4 people..3 made eye contact..smiled and said hello..and short conversations..the older
man just looked at Molly..but that’s ok..

Now I am back home sitting on my deck blogging and listening to my wind chime..


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