Feeling a little better in the morning..

Good morning..Well so far for me it is..believe it or not..Emotionally it has been a roller coaster..Normally I do wake up fairly happy..Today, I did feel better than I have been feeling..Yesterday, I didn’t want to get out of bed..And I still felt crappy even after walking my dog and going to visit my one cat sitting job in the morning..Fortunately,I did feel better as the day went on..Today..so far..knock on wood..feeling pretty optimistic..You see, I have had bouts with depression..and feeling out of control is something I just rather not go thru..Unless it is under normal circumstances, such as a cancer diagnosis,a death or some loss..The doctor told me the side effects of this last medication would take a month to wear off..But, I am hoping my body is ridding itself of the meds sooner than that..

My sleep has never been great. And in the last 3 weeks it has been less than normal for me..I have been trying to eat foods that help the brain with sleep and depression..Last night I made a banana smoothie with honey..Perhaps it helped..couldn’t hurt..

Banana Smoothie
3 bananas
Honey to taste
1 cup of ice
Some water(enough to mix up ingredients)


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