Don’t put off tomorrow..what you can do today..

I have been wanting to visit a pet sitting client that was elderly..I kept putting it off for many reasons..Not having a car..cancer..not feeling well..whatever..This woman was always kind to me and I was always fond of her..I was her pet sitter for a couple of years. She endured the loss of her mother, her 80 yr old husband’s car accident, over a year of him being in the hospital, and then his passing..Her health had been declining and she never did share with me her illness..I use to take her cat Mousy to her vet for fluids and I mentioned to the one assistant about the hospital she was going to..The assistant is a nurse and told me it was a cancer hospital..

Now, I am living with breast cancer and dealing with life moment to moment..I decided yesterday to call the nursing home to make sure she was still there..A year ago I did call and she was in the hospital..Good news..she was there..I haven’t seen this woman in a few years..She is probably in her mid 80s by now..Would she remember me? Also I wanted to visit her for a couple reasons..I didn’t want to put it off any longer..We waited 4 weeks to see my because he was in and out of the hospital, it was far away and we were going to visit him on the day he died..

Something was nagging at me to go visit Sondra..Of course there was guilt..But, I got in my car..I put the address into my GPS..I found the nursing home..It looked like a decent place from the outside.,I signed in and was told how to find her room..Than a chubby man sorta jumped in front of me like a cartoon figure and said “follow the yellow brook road” ..I found her room..I meekly walked into her room and said “hello”.. “do you remember me”.. She looked frail and was laying in her bed..with a tray of food and stuff over top of the bed.,She said,”do I remember you? How could I forget!”

I was so touched by her..Her mind was still pretty good..although it looked like she couldn’t walk and her health was declining…I took a green aventurine bracelet with a silver tone angel that said Laugh off of my wrist and I put it on her wrist..I don’t have a big family and always thought of her like family..I just have a heart for older people..Her bookkeeper/friend had come in the room..and kinda looked at me like who the hell are you..Her name is Kathy and she was the one that gave me the name of the nursing home years ago..Although I felt the same way about her when I would go above and beyond to help Sondra with her pets..home..visit her at the hospital..Sondra would say she didn’t have anyone..than this woman pops up with her daughter in law..I believe she is paid by Sondra..and yes so was I..But I came on my own..and I did tell her I would try to visit again…


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