It’s a good life Susan Beth..


Yesterday, as I was walking my one dog walking dog Molly..I kept thinking of a line from my favorite movie..The Fault in Our Stars..about 2 young teens with cancer..In the movie towards the end..Augustus’ cancer came back and Hazel wheeled him in his wheel chair to the same park he took her on their first date..Augustus was very depressed and Hazel was frustrated with him..He poured himself a glass of champagne into his plastic cup..held it up in the air and said..”It’s a good life Hazel Grace”..So I replaced her name with mine and thought to myself..”It’s a good life Susan Beth”

So yesterday was a pretty good day..I had an appointment at my oncology office to start a new injection..receive my Herceptin ..So..I spent the better half of the day there..about 3 hours..and so far so good..No terrible side hopefully this will continue..So when I left I was in good spirits..enjoying the colors of the trees,, but the weather is still humid..sigh..come on fall..we had glimpses of it..I am just not a hot weather girl..and seems like I am pass the bad side effects of the previous medicine.. highlight the good moments of the day we go..When walking Molly an older woman crosses the street with her little white Maltese named Sabrina to greet us..Sabrina looked freshly groomed with a pumpkin on her collar..Molly is a chocolate lab and huge compared to little tiny Sabrina who may have been all of 10 lbs..I chatted with the older woman for a moment..and wished her a nice day and continued our walk..


So another good moment was when I was driving into the parking lot of the hospital..My appointment was at 1:30pm..this is a off time of day..sometimes I find a good parking spot sometimes I don’t,,but I was hopeful..ok it was a spot in the back directly in front of the hospital.,A man was pulling out of his space when I pulled up..Yes I saw some other cars leave.,but I didn’t want to chance it.,so I took the spot in the back and was still closer than other spots in the lot..The A section is the one most try for because it is closest to the entrance..I could hear someone directly behind me . I could hear her shoes clicking on the pavement..I stepped up on the grass and she was still behind me..I usually stop to let the person walk by because my chubby body just can’t walk fast..Then I hear a woman’s voice behind me saying” I am following you..”and I turned and said, ” I could hear your shoes”.. And we chatted on the way in..that was nice and kinda relaxed me a bit..

Then I stepped out of the elevator and my neighbor who is a pastor was sitting in his scooter..He has cerebral palsy and never seems to remember me when I say I am his neighbor..I guess it’s always odd seeing someone outside of where you normally would see them.,But he did remember me..I had spoken to him in the hospital for advice..and he quickly put on his pastor hat..asked how I was.,and he rode along side of me to the doctors’s office..Then I saw a woman going into the office with a tray of food and I quickly opened the door for her..She said..”She was just thinking..she wished she had another set of hands”..and then here I am to open the door..I enjoy helping people..I even opened the inside door..I was why not..Hey.,I have cancer..and I believe in Karma..and I enjoy doing if the opportunity comes to do good…I will..Hey it couldn’t hurt..Maybe get some brownie points with God.,I dunno..that’s not why I do it..Hey we all have our good and bad days..But when I am feeling good..for example..good hair day..dress fairly nice.,and my mood is good..oh my gosh,,so far right there,,it’s a very good day..

Then to end the day I come home and offer to buy dinner for everyone in the house..I had cash, we are all tired..and I wanted a treat for being patient and a good patient..see what I did there? I used the word patient with two different meanings in a sentence:)..Sorry..I impress myself sometimes..Any ways..Rick agreed,,and in my mind I figured I would drive too..and right when I thought it ..he said..”do you mind driving”. He drives a school bus all day so I know he was too exhausted to drive or cook..

So it was a good day Susan Beth..and it is a good life Susan Beth..


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