Thinking of my dad..


Thinking of my dad!

I am laying here in bed messing with my IPad..and an image of my dad from my memory comes into my mind..The image was him in his room at the nursing home..laying on a red mat..similar to what a dog would lay on..not much padding..he just had a diaper on and he was trying to talk to me…I am in tears thinking of this..My dad couldn’t or eat at 65 yrs old..So he couldn’t defend himself or speak up.,I guess it is good I came in that day..And I believe not long after that he was transferred to another nursing home and died a few months later..The anger wells up in me when I think of what I saw..l immediately went to the nurses station and requested someone help to pick him up off the floor..I don’t remember all the details or their lame excuse for leaving him on the floor..I think it was that he wanted to be there..

Please check on your loved ones in these nursing homes..I wish I did more for my dad..Because of his decline in health and death..and my dog being put down around the same time..I started to study reiki..I wasn’t always close to my dad due to his bipolar and anger issues..But even with his issues I am proud of his accomplishments..He worked as an editor and writer for many newspapers and publications..One was The Wall Street Journal..He did all this without a college degree…Something unheard of today..Before his death he still worked as a driver delivering packages..I hope he is proud of me following in his foot steps and using my writing as a tool for expression and healing..And to honor his memory..


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