Just breathe..

So, I was getting myself all anxious like I had to go out..I DONT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING! There is a psychic fair/ holistic fair locally that I was going to attend..I finally got myself showered and dressed.,but still needed gas for the car and cash for the fair..I was sitting here getting all upset..and thinking I promised I would help make dinner..and I would have to rush back..Then I heard in my mind..BREATHE..big inhale..Woosh..EXHALE..

Ahh..much better.,Then I thought hmm..I would like a juice.,Well I was going to go buy one, but thought I have some things to make it with..and a nice Vitamix..why not use it..Right before this I was reading Kris Carr’s blog about purpose and take a deep breath and exhale..So here is the juice I decided to make..


Apple Cranberry Carrot Smoothie

2 Apples..
Handful of Dried Cranberries
Handful of Mini Carrots
Honey to taste
Some water to help blend

Wash the apples and cut up into pieces..
Throw in cranberries, carrots, pour in the honey.,and water..BLEND..



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