Keep writing…

I tend to do things differently then others..I didn’t finish college..I didn’t stay at jobs long due to various reasons..I sorta fell into the pet sitting because of the low key..and easy going nature..of not having eyes watching you all of the time..I still do some pet sitting, but not as much as I use to support myself so I could pay rent and bills..and buy pet food for my animals..I have dealt with anxiety..probably why I prefer my solitude..I was never the prettiest..smartest..fastest..or really anything..

But..I believe I do have a lot of creativity when my mind cooperates..I sometimes have to write just to get the thoughts out of me..I really want to do more with my writing..and getting paid would be a bonus..Am I more special than anyone else who has the education or writing experience , probably not..But I do have somethings maybe some aspiring writers don’t have..I have a huge heart..I have compassion for animals and people..I have shared and given freely when people would ask for advice about pet sitting..or whatever..

I do believe in psychic ability and intuition, which I believe is all connected to God..I also believe in prayer, which I do often every day..Even if it is just..”God and the Angels..please help and guide me in the right direction..” So..I admit to calling psychics..most recently they told me I do have a gift or talent to write or create,. And the message I keep hearing in my own mind is..”KEEP WRITING..”So I catch myself on my IPad several times a day..Writing about whatever comes to mind..Even if sometimes my blog is about nothing,,like a Seinfeld episode..



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