Cats are good for your health..


I am tired from cat sitting and cleaning my bathroom..So, I am laying in bed with my Mizti Pie..Mitzi is my 12 yr old girl cat..I tell her ..”you are sweet as sugar “..Such a sweet cat..and my other cat Charlie who is 2 constantly harasses I have to play referee to save her.,But I will give her credit..she usually gets a few nips with her mouth or smacks with her paw to defend herself..

Mitzi is laying with me in bed.,and she has the loudest purr..all you have to do is look at her and she starts purring..So I definitely believe the above photo, that cats’ purrs are healing and good for your health..Well except Charlie..He causes stress, but hopefully he will mellow more as he gets older..He is still a cat, so he has that in his favor…So grab your favorite kitty..curl up together and just listen to her purr..I guarantee you will feel more relaxed than you were earlier..



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