Writing to write..


I had some time today since it is Columbus Day..I called a psychic on blog talk radio named Mystic Mona..The program was almost over, but I thought what the heck,,I will call in and see if I get in,,and I was the last caller and she said her best call of the day..Maybe because I asked about something real and tangible ..I asked about doing more with my writing and possibly profiting from it..I didn’t bring up the cancer right away to see what her cards said and her interpretation..She mentioned a 5 yr feud..Not sure what that meant..She also said to get my name on the Internet as much as possible,,well this blog is my outlet to that..She said to write restaurant reviews..ehh I did that on yelp..And to write about anything.,did that too..She said the book is already there ..I am just blocked..hmm perhaps..Just trying to figure out how to get seen..So I go on Facebook and Twitter and send my blogs to various people online..she said the more I share my spiritual journey the more I will be healed and my message will be accepted and do very well..So ..this is me..just writing to write in hopes of getting more eyes on my blog and hopefully to view my previous messages that have a deeper message than this one..



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