Ebola coming to a town near you..

I don’t like writing about this nor do I like writing about cancer..But, honestly Ebola is pretty scary..I watch the news..But, I wasn’t really concerned about Ebola until Saturday night when I was scrolling thru my Facebook feed..I don’t remember who posted it, but it said that Dr. Nancy Snyderman was spotted in her Mercedes in the driver’s seat waiting outside of The Peasant Grill in Hopewell Boro, NJ..It is no secret that Dr. Nancy is a Princeton resident..Apparently she is a fan of the local restaurant..Normally, this would be fun.. A local celebrity in town..She is on The Today show as their chief medical correspondent..Her and her team recently returned from Africa reporting on the Ebola outbreak..Again, not too alarming..

I heard on the news that Dr. Nancy and her team were quarantined..Good news! Right? Until people in the area spotted her sitting in her car outside of the restaurant..She had two men with her, I guess they went in to get take out..Normally, no big deal..Here is the big deal..The crew were still under voluntary quarantine ..I guess since they weren’t showing any signs of illness, she thought it was safe to drive around in her car..It was in the news that her cameraman tested positive for Ebola who she was in contact with..Yes, they say the disease is only passed along from person to person thru bodily fluids..Dr. Nancy claims that there was a low risk..Well, what about the risk to the public..

Of course, this wasn’t front page news or reported on the news for several days..Also Dr. Nancy wasn’t named as the person who violated the voluntary quarantine.,Someone from their team violated it..Why not fess up? Why hide behind privacy laws etc..Maybe because this would ruin her..She would lose her medical license..I wasn’t really concerned about Ebola until Dr. Nancy was spotted practically in my backyard..Geez, I thought my main worry was cancer..



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