What mood will I be in today?

It’s the latest game I play..What mood will Susan be in today..?Like I am spinning a wheel on a game show..Will it be tear jerker ,bitchy,happy,sad,leave me alone..ehh..Today it landed on leave me alone..and slowly rose to sad..then it lifted..Strangest thing..Maybe because the sun is shining ..maybe some of the old meds wore off..who knows..I am hoping that my mood stays up..see with me..when my mood is low,,I can’t think,,and I move in slow motion,,..

I went to the oncologist to get stabbed again ..at least the nurses seemed in a good mood..And I was in a pretty good mood..Hopefully it will last thru out the night and continue in the morning,,that’s the real test..

So afterwards I stopped at a local park and took some photos with my new camera..




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